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9 Terrible Facts About Hoodia Gordonii

Everyone has been hearing the news and buzz on the semi miraculous plant called Hoodia Gordonii which helps to reduce your appetite. The weight loss gurus are betting their shirts that people who are very challenged in losing weight will benefit in a big way by regularly digesting hoodia. I will now spell out straight

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Medical Devices Protected From Lawsuits

Medical device makers are protected from personal injury lawsuits by a 2008 Supreme Court ruling—only a narrow space exists for plaintiffs to file medical malpractice lawsuits alleging violations of state-law requirements that are the equivalent, or parallel, to federal law requirements. But lawyers for people injured by medical devices are trying out a new strategy

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Detoxification Diets

With so many people looking for a fast way to lose weight and get healthy, detox diets could be a solution. These detox diets or sometimes referred to as cleansing diets are not for everyone and some experts have scrutinized the viability of these types of diets. What precisely is a detox or cleansing diet?

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